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Leads are the lifeblood of EVERY property business! Without leads you have no deals. Without deals you have no business!

That’s why we focus our energy on teaching you how to generate more leads and convert those leads into deals.

Whether it’s working better with agents or sourcing more off market leads direct to owner, we’ve got you covered!

And we don’t just teach you how to source more leads – We teach you how to negotiate and close more deals too!

We even teach you how to find investors and funding for all those deals you’re going to find! 


Our property investment podcast includes hours of free training and resources to get you kick started

YouTube Channel

Prefer to watch videos? Our YouTube channel has LOTS to watch with new content posted weekly


We cover topics from property due diligence to finding investors and provide complete guides on all things property investment


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Online Training

From skills based workshops to full blueprint courses, we have an extensive suite of online training depending on your focus and goals

Group & 1:1 Coaching

If you're ready to step up to the next level, we offer small group and 1:1 coaching & mentorship to help you scale your property business

Your Property Mentor

Mark Dunsmore

With over 17 years experience in the property industry and 20 years sales & marketing experience, there’s not a lot Mark doesn’t know about lead generation and conversion in the property sector.

Starting his property career as a trainee lettings negotiator back in 2005, following 5 years in direct sales (including telesales & recruitment). He then spent the next 9 years working his way up the career ladder gaining experience across all residential disciplines (including sales, lettings, property management, auctions and refurbishment project management) with lead generation and conversion being at the heart of every role.

Mark launched his property consultancy Goliath Property Partners (formerly Goliath Property Solutions), in 2014 offering homeowners an alternative solution to traditional estate agency and a portfolio building service for his investors.

Now Mark helps others build their property businesses either investing for themselves, packaging deals for investors (or ideally a bit of both) by focusing on lead generation, both on and off market, and conversion of those leads into deals! 

I joined Goliath Property Academy because they are the BEST! Why do I know that? I have actually joined a different “gang” before and I have struggled to even get an access to their content. When I switched to Goliath Property Academy I knew I am in the right place. The whole training they offer is soo well thought trough. Is like they take you on a journey of discovering new life.

Kate W

Goliath has helped me so much on my property journey and without there expert help I wouldn’t of known where to start. The podcasts are great too!

Ross Q
Ross Q

Great resource of tools and strategies in well laid out format.

Mark C
Mark C

Goliath property academy has been awesome! I literally do not have words to express how helpful the information has been. I learn at my pace, information explained clearly stage by stage not to mention a lot of information for free as well.

Sally C
Sally C

Mark and the rest of the team are so friendly and professional. The advice given is invaluable and the content provided in all areas is so indepth and extremely helpful for anyone that is starting out in sourcing as well as helping people that already have vast amounts of experience.

Janet P
Janet P

A great way to get all the knowledge and support you need on your property journey, I would recommend this to everyone.

Matthew T
Matthew T

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