How to Build a Property Portfolio Using Other People’s Money

BLOG In this article, I’ll tell you how you can start investing in property even if you have no capital of your own to invest.  And it doesn’t involve spending years exploring ‘no money down’ strategies or deal packaging to build an investment pot because that would take you years. So follow these steps, and […]

5 Tips on how to get started in property investing

BLOG Are you currently in full or part-time employment and looking to get started in property investing? Well, you’re not alone. In fact, we’ve taught over 2000 people how to get started with property investing, and one of the common themes throughout those 2000+ people is that the majority have or had some form of […]

Ep33: How To ‘Stay In Line’ When You Feel Like Nothing’s Working

PODCAST One of the biggest obstacles to success is constantly jumping around looking for instant results. In this session, Mark runs through the dangers of being distracted by ‘shiny pennies’ and what you need to do in order to stay in line and start to build consistent results. The session covers: The importance of staying […]

Ep 21: FOCUS (Sticking To Your Primary Objective); Sourcing to Order vs. Sourcing to Sell

PODCAST Building a successful and sustainable property business requires relentless focus. So many “newbies” make the rookie of mistake of sourcing for EVERY strategy ANYWHERE in the UK – BIG mistake. In this segment you’ll learn: How to understand better who you are targeting Be more specific and engaging in your messages to that audience […]

How To Start A Property Business Today

BLOG Today I want to show you how to start a property business the correct way, so by the time you have finished reading this you’ll have a realistic expectation of what you can achieve.DON’T get lured into thinking this is going to be easy…I could have lured you into reading this by grabbing your attention with […]

How to Identify Landlords for Rent to Rent Deals

BLOG UPDATE (15th January 2021): Interested in the Rent to Rent strategy? Get started by reading our Complete Guide to Rent to Rent. When you are first starting out as a property sourcer, you might struggle with finding landlords that may be open to the idea of rent to rent deals. The longer you work […]

Building Profitable Relationships with Agents for Rent to Rent Strategies

BLOG If you have been working in property sourcing for some time then you may have already come across some difficulties in building relationships with agents and getting them to work with you. You might go into a first meeting thinking that it has gone really well. The person in the estate agents that you have spoken to appears […]

Ep37: The Realities Of Rent To Rent And How To Approach Them

PODCAST In this podcast session, Mark covers some of the realities of rent to rent and shares some tips of how to approach it in order to build a successful rent to rent business. Mark gives his insights on: How to mitigate some of the risks associated with rent to rentThe importance of setting up […]

QA05: How Do You Find Investors To Source To Order?

BLOG This is the fifth episode in our special Q & A Series. We look at how you find investors and deliver them the deals they want. Episode Highlights Networking Existing investors to VIPs Relationship building Adhering to your requirements   Transcript:   Mark: So Fiona asked a question, “How do you find investors to source to […]