How to Secure the Deal – A Fail-safe Formula

BLOG At Goliath Sourcing Academy, we love a good process and when you find a winning formula then you know you have the right process in place. Having a process in place also means that everything is clear for all parties and nothing gets missed out. When it comes to securing deals, we follow a […]

How to Save Time and Do More Deals with Virtual Property Viewings

BLOG Sometimes going to view a property in person isn’t always practical. Maybe you are a property sourcer that is looking for deals in areas a bit further afield than your local area. Perhaps your local area is saturated with other property sourcers or there are not many of the type of deals you are looking for. […]

How to Overcome Lack of Knowledge When Just Starting out in Property Sourcing

BLOG When people first start off working in property investment and property sourcing, there can be an element of fear and worry attached to dealing with owners. Thoughts like “What if they ask a question that I can’t answer?” or “What if I sound like I’m hard selling?” It can be a very anxious time for […]

Hot Tips for Launching a Successful Property Sourcing Business on a Low Budget

BLOG Property sourcing is a highly competitive industry and getting your business up and running isn’t easy, especially if finances are limited. Fortunately, here are some solutions to start property sourcing on a budget. Generally speaking, the more effort and money that goes into marketing, the more success you will see. However, when you don’t have […]

Dealing with Agents – The Best Time to Tell Them You are Property Sourcing

BLOG Something that new property sourcers deliberate over, is when is the right time to tell an agent that you are sourcing property for other people. It seems to worry a lot of newbie sourcers because they feel like they are being dishonest. They are fine when they are sourcing property for themselves and they […]

Amazing Apps that will Make Your Life as a Property Sourcer Much Easier

BLOG Ever wished that there were more hours in the day so that you could get more things done? Property sourcing is a fast-paced industry and to stay ahead of the competition, you need to be as efficient and productive as possible. So knowing the best apps to use will help you to save lots […]

A Quick Guide to Agreeing Maintenance Costs

BLOG A common uncertainty in the rent to rent market is what maximum limit to include for monthly maintenance costs. There are lots of different approaches out there and some people will try and keep it at say £50 per month. At Goliath Property Solutions, we have a fixed maximum of £300 per month. Now […]

7 Steps To Consistent And Predictable Property Deal Lead Flow

BLOG The success stories of online marketing are well publicised across a wide range of industries. However cutting edge digital marketing strategies seem to have all but bypassed the majority of the property sector. And therein lies the opportunity for property deal sourcing business owners to tap into a potential goldmine. A well thought out and executed online lead generation system […]

5 Ways Outsourcing Can Help You Grow Your Property Deal Sourcing Business

BLOG As a property deal sourcer, your time is your most precious commodity and how you use it is critical to your success. If you find yourself spending hours on low reward tasks such as online research and scraping data from Rightmove you need to review how you’re working. Using these steps, you can develop a better […]