QA05: How Do You Find Investors To Source To Order?

BLOG This is the fifth episode in our special Q & A Series. We look at how you find investors and deliver them the deals they want. Episode Highlights Networking Existing investors to VIPs Relationship building Adhering to your requirements   Transcript:   Mark: So Fiona asked a question, “How do you find investors to source to […]

Questions To Ask Property Investors

BLOG So you want to build an investor list. In theory, the more people you have on this list, the easier it should be to sell deals. In practice, though, it’s not the quantity, but the quality that matters. Are the people on your list serious about property investing?   The truth is that there […]

5 Steps To Setting Up Your Property Sourcing Business Legally and Properly

BLOG UPDATE (28th December 2020): Setting up your property sourcing business to be compliant can be a lot of work. Read our Ultimate Guide to Property Sourcing & Deal Packaging first so you can avoid the unnecessary expense of going the compliant route. If you’re thinking about setting up a property sourcing business, one of your […]

How To Package Lease Options Property Deals

BLOG Lease options represent a great choice for the wise property investor. Essentially for very little money, you can invest in a property with the option of buying it at a later date (and often at a price lower than the market rate). Sounds perfect, right? But there are things you need to think about. […]

Estimating Refurbishment Costs

BLOG When you’ve found a property you’re interested in to source for investors, let out or to include in your portfolio, being able to estimate refurbishment costs before you buy that property is vital as you’re going to need to factor those costs into your purchase so you can make a profit.   What is […]

How To Convert A Lead To A Lease Option For Optimum Benefits

BLOG There are quite a lot of landlords feeling a bit uncertain about the future right now, unsure of what the full impact of Brexit will be. So this obviously influences different aspects of the property market and particularly where some landlords may be thinking about selling in the near future. A lot of people […]

How To Find Property Investors

Imagine having a never ending pot of money to invest in your own property deals without needing a bank! Not only is this possible, it’s happening everyday in the property world and there’s no reason why you too shouldn’t be doing the same.

Property Due Diligence: A Beginner’s Guide

Without proper due diligence you risk taking on property deals that don’t generate you any profit, or even worse, cost you money! Often, the reason for property ‘failure’ is either non-existent, poor, or at best ‘hopeful’ due diligence, something we’re here to help you avoid.

5 Biggest Mistakes When Starting A Rent to Rent Business

In my years working in the property world, I’ve seen people who are starting or scaling their rent to rent business make the same mistakes. But hopefully by highlighting these mistakes to you, you’re going to be able to avoid them. You’re going to be able to implement the rent to rent strategy with open eyes.

The Complete Guide to Rent To Rent

Imagine a way of getting started in property investing and growing a cash flowing portfolio without the need for 25%+ deposits, Stamp Duty or even solicitors!

That’s exactly what the rent to rent strategy allows you to do.