Ep49: 3 Tips For Negotiating Rent to Rent Deals with Landlords

PODCAST In this session, Mark gives his top tips for better negotiations with landlords on rent to rent deals. This is an area that can be daunting when starting with deals but Mark’s insight outlines the three most important aspects of being able to confidently negotiate with landlords and get the results you want. He […]

Ep48: 5 Ways To Fund Your “No Money Down” Deals

PODCAST In this podcast session, Mark talks about how you can find ways of doing deals without needing to use any of your own money, which is often referred to as ‘No Money Down’ deals. He runs through the different options that are available without going through the traditional lending process, the key points are: […]

Ep44: Analysis Paralysis Stop Overthinking It, Just Do It

PODCAST In this episode, Mark talks about how overthinking and over-analysing can hold you back from reaching your property goals. He reveals some top tips on how to avoid over-analysing situations and putting actions off. He discusses: Why overthinking will slow down your progress The importance of building up knowledge to overcome over-thinking Why it […]

Ep43: Sourcing Property Deals In A COVID Affected Economy

PODCAST In this podcast session, Mark discusses how to find deals in the current situation, as well as how to get ahead of the competition when the market recovers. He shares his insights and predictions regarding the future opportunities for deal packagers and property investors. He covers: The current buoyancy in the market Possible dates […]

Ep41: What Comes First, The Deal Or The Investor?

PODCAST In this podcast session, Mark discusses the common question – Which comes first, the deal or the investor? And shares some of the key factors in getting the investor list compiled correctly, so it is as effective as possible, including: How to build a successful VIP investor list The importance of relationship building Why […]