Ep33: How To ‘Stay In Line’ When You Feel Like Nothing’s Working

One of the biggest obstacles to success is constantly jumping around looking for instant results. In this session, Mark runs through the dangers of being distracted by ‘shiny pennies’ and what you need to do in order to stay in line and start to build consistent results. The session covers:

  • The importance of staying in line and not jumping about
  • How to break your marketing campaigns down for consistency and momentum (content upgrade)
  • Why you need a clear plan of what you want to achieve
  • How building your brand and persistence pays off

Podcast Timestamps

07:00 FB Q&A: If you had to start again knowing what you know now how would you approach setting up your deal packaging business?
07:15 Mark’s initial mistakes
09:00 Dabbling with broker investments
12:15 Timewasters and other negatives
13:05 Getting results through better focus
14:40 Focusing on one strategy
15:35 Consistent marketing
17:40 Building local reputation
22:55 Sourcing With Mark: Staying in Line
23:45 ‘Shiny pennies’
24:30 Jumping around in search of instant results
25:15 Becoming an expert
26:20 Breaking down your marketing strategy
27:30 Conclusion
34:35 Working without emotion/quick transactions
39:00 Trusting you to get the deal done