Ep23: Key Relationships To Build When Growing Your Property Business; Networking Meetings vs. Mastermind Sessions

Key Relationships To Build When Growing Your Property Business

Relationship building is one of the most important skills you will need as a property sourcer. Building effective, trusted relationships with key people across the industry will open up more business opportunities and ensure that you are given priority over others. In this session of Sourcing with Mark you will learn:

  • The many benefits of relationship building in property sourcing
  • How to add revenue streams from referral business
  • Who the key people are that you need to build relationships with
  • How to build a strong relationship with your main trade contractor
  • The importance of that first deal to cement the relationships
  • Why you should only work with people you ‘know, like and trust’


Lead Generation: Quality vs. Quantity

Your time is very limited so choosing the most beneficial networking events can save you lots of wasted time and also leverage much more business. In this session, Mark runs through the pros and cons of networking meetings and mastermind sessions to help you to get the most out of sessions. You’ll learn:

  • An in depth understanding of the pros and cons of each
  • How to avoid meetings that are basically sales pitches
  • How to select the right option for your needs based on experience level
  • The benefits of setting up a mastermind session and who to invite
  • Mistakes to avoid during sessions
  • How to make the sessions work – how to garner input from all attendees
  • How to plan and prepare for sessions to get more out

Podcast Episode Highlights
04:30 Insiders Circle Forum – “I’ve been attending property networking meetings but never seem to meet the right people to help me move forward with my sourcing business. Any advice please?”
05:10 Think long-term relationships not instant success
08:50 Business meet ups and social media

11:40 Sourcing With Mark – Key Relationships to Build in Growing Property Sourcing Business
14:20 The dangers of rushing in
15:45 Additional revenue streams
17:10 Getting priority
18:50 Key relationships
20:10 Building relationships with tradespeople
21:00 The importance of ‘know, like and trust’

23:50 Head To Head – Networking Meetings vs. Mastermind Sessions
26:30 Avoiding sales pitches and social gatherings
28:40 Getting the most out of the session
29:30 Networking Meetings – Pros and cons
33:00 Mastermind Sessions – Pros and cons
35:30 Setting up a Mastermind Session
37:55 Summary