Ep27: Can You Really Make £5k+ per month packaging property deals?; DIY vs. Outsourcing

Can You Really Make £5k+ per month packaging property deals?

There is a lot of hype about the kind of fees that you can make in property sourcing and packaging property deals, particularly with property training providers talking about magical £5k deals. In this segment Mark discusses whether this is achievable and the key factors involved, including:

  • What is realistic when starting out
  • How important it is to build up experience
  • What level of service investors will expect for their money
  • The financial benefits of working in property sourcing


‘Head To Head’ – Taking two property talking points, breaking them down and sharing which we think is best

DIY vs. Outsourcing
There are so many opportunities for businesses to outsource tasks of any nature, freeing up time and helping you to scale your business. In this section, Mark talks about the benefits of outsourcing compared to doing tasks yourself and how you can get started. The key points covered include:

  • The benefits of outsourcing
  • How to choose tasks that are suitable for outsourcing
  • How to create processes to enable tasks to be delegated
  • The importance of outsourcing for scaling your business
  • Other responsibilities that come with outsourcing


Podcast Episode Highlights
06:30 InsidersCircle Q&A – Will sourcing change in 2018 compared to previous years? Any major changes you foresee regarding strategies etc.?
07:30 Current changes in the marketplace
08:45 Adapting to the market
10:10 Working with estate agents
12:15 Fee splitting

14:15 Sourcing With Mark – Can you really make £5k+ per month packaging property deals?
16:05 Types of property sourcers
16:55 Value for money (for investors)
19:40 Level of service
20:45 Getting experience
21:50 Fees and financial benefits

24:10 Head To Head – DIY vs. Outsourcing
25:00 Opportunities for outsourcing
26:50 Ins and outs of tasks
27:05 Simplifying tasks
28:10 Time consuming
29:20 Scaling your business
30:25 Managing people
31:10 Buck stops with you
33:25 Standard Operating Procedures
34:10 Getting the balance right