Ep28: How To Make Money In Property Without Huge Pots Of Cash; Handwritten vs. Printed (Direct Mail)

To Make Money In Property Without Huge Pots Of Cash

A common misconception in property sourcing is that you need a large amount of money to get started. However, there are several strategies that allow you to start making money without putting cash in yourself. In this section Mark outlines:

  • Which strategies to choose to make money without upfront cash
  • How to work with others to get started
  • Alternative ways of making money i.e. project management
  • The key factors to consider when working on joint ventures
  • The importance of building up lead generation skills

Direct Mail: Handwritten vs. Printed

When you have a limited marketing budget, choosing the right method for your strategy is crucial. There are numerous benefits of both handwritten and printed direct mail, so understanding this in more detail will help you to pick the best one, or whether to implement a mix of both. In this week’s Head to Head Mark reveals:

  • The benefits of personalised approaches
  • What works for different prospects
  • Variations between cost and time taken
  • Why corporate approach works for some but not for others
  • Whether combined handwritten/printed can work
  • Why letter content is just as important, if not more


Podcast Episode Highlights
03:40 Insiders Circle Q&A – I have sent my first DM campaign but haven’t had any call backs yet. What sort of conversion rate should I be expecting?
04:00 Having patience
05:30 Response rates
05:50 Warm/cold leads
07:10 Weekly budget
08:30 Being consistent to get results

10:45 Sourcing With Mark – How to make money in property without huge pots of cash
12:20 Strategies that don’t need lots of cash
13:10 Working with other people
14:40 Thinking outside of the box
16:30 Refurbs and alternative strategies

20:20 Head To Head – Handwritten vs. Printed (Direct Mail)
21:50 Personal approaches
22:30 Combination of the two
22:50 Time and speed of getting mail out
23:15 Open rates
25:10 Letter content
26:00 Summary