Ep29: Choosing Your Strategy Based On Your Desired Goals; Area vs. Strategy

The Goliath Q&A Session

“How do you narrow down your target searches or groups? [Facebook Ads] How do people research this?”


‘Sourcing With Mark’ – Choosing your strategy based on your desired goals

– Five key goals in property sourcing
– The importance of prioritizing just one goal
– How to pick the strategy that will work best (including details on outright purchase, lease options and rent to rent)
– The main benefits of each strategy
– How narrowing down your marketing strategy gets better results
– How to gain confidence and build key relationships


‘Head To Head’ – Area vs. Strategy

– The benefits of choosing the area first
– What you should be wary of when you select area first
– How bad habits can get in the way of success
– Why a strategy might not work in your local area
– Which option will help you to focus and build more confidence
– The recommended option based on experience