Ep30: How To Find And Work With The Right Investors

Finding and working with the right property investors is the key to being successful in deal packaging. In this session Mark runs through the importance of identifying VIP investors and how you can do this through a variety of methods. The session covers:

  • Dealing with high maintenance investors
  • Risks of investor pulling out
  • The importance of building VIP client lists and how to do it
  • How to build rapport and trust
  • Using the registration process as an indicator of investor commitment
  • What documents and information to collect to identify VIP investors
  • How to maintain the relationship


Podcast Episode Highlights
9:15 Facebook Q&A: Should I find the deal first or the investor first in deal packaging?
10:05 Lead generation time
11:50 Strategy focus
12:10 Aligning strategy with investors
16:40 Sourcing With Mark: Finding the right investors
18:10 VIP investor lists
21:00 First time investors
21:40 Maintaining control
22:00 Trust and rapport
24:00 Registration process for investors
25:00 Investor questionnaire
26:30 Documents for proof
28:30 Regular contact and updates