Ep31: Facebook Ads For Property Professionals – A Beginners Guide

Click here to access the Facebook Ads Remarketing Campaign Step by Step Setup Tutorial


Facebook has become a very important platform for businesses including helping property sourcers to find deals and generate leads. In this session Brad talks through the five FB ad use cases and describes how each can be used effectively in property sourcing. He explains:

  • How to find R2R deals through Facebook
  • How you can use Facebook for BMV deals
  • What remarketing is and how to do it
  • Why you need to build your brand
  • How to put ads in front of warm investors
  • Where to find a free technical video on using FB for the use cases


Podcast Episode Highlights
5:30 FB Q&A: I want to find rent to rent deals using FB ads. Where do I begin?
6:15 Lead generation priorities
7:00 Landlord problems
10:20 Facebook power – micro targeting
12:30 The right offer and right audience
13:35 Manage your expectations
14:00 Budget
15:10 Look at similar companies
16:15 Page transparencies
18:00 In The Lab With Brad
19:05 FB ad use cases
19:30 R2R deals
21:20 BMV deals
22:50 Remarketing
25:50 Personal branding
28:00 Finding investors
30:30 Watch the video for technical instructions