Ep32: How to Work With Estate Agents To Source Property Deals

Having a good relationship with agents is very important and not just for property sourcers, it is often in the best interests of the agency too as sourcers do a lot of the leg work for them. In this session Mark uses information from his agent contacts to highlight the issues agents are facing and how you can use it to your advantage to source more deals. The session covers:

  • The key issues that agents are currently facing
  • Importance of choosing the right agents to build a relationship with
  • Some of the key aspects of building a good relationship with agents
  • How to get agents to understand the benefits of working with you
  • Where to find common agents’ pains to offer relevant solutions


Podcast Episode Highlights
11:00 Facebook Q&A: When is the right time to let agents know you are going to be packaging the deal up for another investor?
11:40 Honesty is the best policy
13:30 Viewing properties with agents
14:20 Offers and delivering what you promised
16:10 Qualified buyers
20:50 Sourcing With Mark: How to Work With Estate Agents To Source Property Deals
21:10 Impact of online agents and fixed fee agents
23:00 Staffing issues/How long to train agents to gain revenue
26:30 Good deal packagers are a great addition to them
27:50 Being honest
29:00 Business-to-business level
29:50 Explaining benefits
31:20 The importance of agents
33:20 Identify the pain of agents
34:35 Working without emotion/quick transactions
39:00 Trusting you to get the deal done