Ep35: The Power of Celebrating Wins In Achieving Your Property Investment Goals

As you do your best to achieve success in your property business, small wins can easily go unnoticed. This may oftentimes result in frustrations and prevent you from going forward with your initial plans. In this session Mark discusses how you should also focus on your little achievements as you journey along. Celebrating those small wins can massively help in keeping you motivated and eventually reach your big property goals.

This session covers:

  • How to recognise those small important wins
  • How this mindset can improve your confidence
  • Breaking down your big plans to prevent overwhelm
  • Other things may affect your success in getting your goals
  • And many more..


Podcast Timestamps
8:09 FB Q&A: “How quickly should I expect to get leads from my direct mail campaign?”
9:04 Problem and benefit of direct mail campaign
9:22 Things to consider
9:52 A common mistake in marketing campaigns
10:52 The battles of direct mail campaign
11:20 Have a specific target/prospect
11:50 Trust building
12:55 It’s a numbers game
14:33 Targeted audience yields better results
15:00 Increasing the speed in getting leads
16:25 “Camp out” in the prospect’s mind
16:50 Create multiple “Call to Actions”
17:04 Sourcing With Mark: The Power of Celebrating Wins In Achieving Your Property Investment Goals
20:10 The mindset element of property investing
20:51 We always focus on the golden egg
21:12 What we forget to do
21:36 Break down your big goal
23:36 How to apply this in property investing
24:30 Celebrating small wins increases confidence
24:50 The nature of marketing campaigns
26:05 Staying positive
26:50 The things you can control
27:29 Enjoy the journey