Ep38: One of My Biggest Mistakes When I Started Goliath

In this Sourcing With Mark session, Mark talks through the biggest mistakes he made when he started Goliath, the problems that he faced as a consequence and how you can learn from those mistakes to save yourself time and money. Mark shares:

  • The story of how he went into deal packaging
  • How he underestimated the difficulty of covering too many areas
  • How stretching himself to thin caused problems and held him back
  • What you can take from the experiences to ensure you succeed
  • The importance of focusing on an area and a strategy
  • How you can send out the right message


Podcast Timestamps
04:40 Facebook Group Q&A – “What’s more important to consider first, area or strategy?”
05:30 Area and sub area knowledge
06:00 Choosing an area that you know
07:20 Choosing the right strategy
09:10 Importance of enjoying the strategy
11:30 Sourcing With Mark – One of my biggest mistakes when I started Goliath!
12:50 Thankless task of property management
13:30 How Mark started out with deal packaging
14:30 The big mistake of being all things to all people
16:00 The problems that unfolded
17:50 Wasted time and money
18:30 Learning from our mistakes and experiences
20:30 Importance of strategy focus