Ep40: Rent To Rent Case Study: How Kaine Halket Closed 4 Rent to Rent Deals in 6 Months

In this rent to rent case study podcast Kaine Halket describes how he began working in property, trying different strategies and he also shares his top tips for achieving success and getting the results quickly – he managed to get four rent to rent deals done in just six months! With a background in running a home improvements company, he has been able to put his experience and sales skills in this field to great use.

Kaine talks through his experiences and explains what worked well for him, including:

  • How working as a partnership benefited him
  • Why he chose his strategy
  • How they got landlords to contact them
  • Why the Goliath training was so important
  • The key factors behind his quick results
  • How he has used different types of investment
  • Top tips for being successful in property sourcing


Podcast Timestamp

04:40 Intro and Kaine’s background
07:20 How Kaine started off in property
07:50 Working in a partnership
08:40 Deal packaging experience
10:00 How Kaine moved into rent to rent strategy
10:50 Landing three deals at once
12:10 Researching with the help of Goliath training
12:50 Using the HMO list for the area
13:20 What he learned from sending letters out
14:00 Outsourcing benefits
14:30 What they included in the letters
16:15 Using sales training to his advantage
16:35 Response rates
18:30 Initial conversations with landlords
19:30 Importance of research to sound confident
20:20 Tops tips for the sales side
25:10 Gut feelings about landlords and risks to avoid
27:10 How they structured the deal
28:50 Doing the figures and how they hit the landlord’s pain point