Ep41: What Comes First, The Deal Or The Investor?

In this podcast session, Mark discusses the common question – Which comes first, the deal or the investor? And shares some of the key factors in getting the investor list compiled correctly, so it is as effective as possible, including:

  • How to build a successful VIP investor list
  • The importance of relationship building
  • Why the speed that you package the deal is important
  • How to nurture relationships over the long haul
  • The secrets behind the success stories
  • Why you need to focus on a specific strategy

The Goliath Facebook Q&A Session

This week’s question from Facebook –  “Is now the right time to start a deal packaging business?”

With the strange situation we are in right now after lockdown, a lot of people are asking whether now is a good time to start deal packaging. In this podcast, Mark explains how you can put yourself in pole position to take advantage of the time when the property market picks up.


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Podcast Timestamp

Facebook Group Q&A – “Is now the right time to start a deal packaging business?”

04:40 Current market and property prices
06:15 The waiting game
06:40 Prediction for market growth and opportunities
08:15 Getting ready to act and get the deals first

Sourcing with Mark – What comes first, the deal or the investor?

10:40 Building an investor list
11:55 Downfalls of generic investors
13:45 Be aware of time wasters
15:20 Strategy and area
17:15 Building relationships with investors
17:45 Leveraging other people’s social media
18:05 Finding the VIP investors
18:40 Importance of the speed of packaging the deal
19:55 Easy and regular communication
21:30 Not getting distracted by different strategies
21:45 Keys to success