Ep48: 5 Ways To Fund Your “No Money Down” Deals

In this podcast session, Mark talks about how you can find ways of doing deals without needing to use any of your own money, which is often referred to as ‘No Money Down’ deals. He runs through the different options that are available without going through the traditional lending process, the key points are:

• Understanding the different funding options available
• How you can find joint ventures
• The importance of having financial discipline
• Developing finances over time
• How building up relationships is important in getting funding

Podcast Timestamps

08:05 Facebook Group Q&A – “Can I get a management agent to manage my R2R deals and if so, should I?”
08:15 Clauses for outsourcing management services
09:30 Deciding if you enjoy the management side
10:05 Think about the actions required
10:25 Consequences of using the wrong agent
11:05 Negotiating the monthly fee
12:00 Weighing up what your goals are before making the decision
13:45 Sourcing with Mark – 5 Ways to Fund Your ‘No Money Down’ Deals
13:50 Dispelling the myth
14:10 What are ‘no money down’ strategies?
14:50 Examples of strategies
16:00 Not going through traditional purchase methods
17:05 Pros and cons of the strategies
17:50 Funding deals with other people’s money
18:20 Efforts vs finance
18:50 Borrowing from an investor
19:20 Joint venture agreements
20:00 Property owner joint ventures
20:40 Negotiating payments
23:15 Financial discipline
24:00 Saving up for creative deals
25:50 Have a realistic outlook
26:20 Making financial sacrifices