Ep50: How Kate Wieliczko Built A Successful Property Sourcing Business During The Lockdown

The latest podcast is an interview with Kate Wieliczko who became successful in property sourcing during lockdown. She arrived in the UK from Poland, initially working as a receptionist, before setting up a property sourcing business that has seen rapid success over a short period of time.

Kate details her property journey, which has picked up pace very quickly, even through lockdown restrictions. She shares the following:

  • How she first started thinking about getting into property
  • Why other training options did not work for her
  • How joining Goliath helped her to make strategy decisions and start progressing, including using templates, calculators and scripts
  • How she started working with a business partner
  • The different types of agreements she has negotiated with landlords
  • Her successful marketing technique
  • Not having any fear of conversations with landlords, rationalising your fears
  • Her future goals and ambitions to continue her property journey


Podcast Timestamps

03:50 Introduction with Kate
04:45 Summary of Kate’s background
05:35 First property purchase and sale
06:20 Buying a new flat made her start thinking more about property
07:45 Discovering Goliath and how it changed her life
08:40 Strategies she considered and working without huge savings
10:05 Educating herself
11:35 Trying some training seminars and disappointment of quality
12:40 How joining Goliath got her started
13:05 Finding her business partner
14:00 Persistence and mindset
14:45 Benefits of the partnership
15:15 Using lockdown time for training and compliance
16:05 Looking at different areas
17:10 How documents and scripts from Goliath have helped
18:00 Deciding on the strategy
19:50 Marketing/sending out letters
21:00 Conversations with first landlords to call her
22:10 Progressing through lockdown
23:30 Work completed on HMO properties
25:20 Different areas have different rules and requirements
28:50 Agreements and negotiating with landlords
30:50 Managing different types of landlords’ expectations
33:00 Cold calling and getting over the nerves
34:30 Learning from experience and creating your own luck
35:50 Current position and next leads lined up
36:30 Goal is to buy their own property
38:05 Being active on Goliath forum, learning and getting support
39:25 Outsourcing opportunities
41:10 Achieving goals and dreams