Ep51: 5 Top Tips for People Starting A Property Business

UPDATE: Read our complete guide to Starting a Property Business.

In this podcast session, Mark gives his top tips for people who are just starting a property business. He gives a quick overview of the 5 most important pieces of advice that everybody starting out in property should know about. These include:

  • Why you should choose just one strategy
  • Importance of focusing on one area
  • Why understanding your prospect/property owner is key to success
  • Why you need to have patience and don’t expect overnight wins
  • Keeping your focus on the pathway, don’t get distracted

Podcast Timestamps

00:00 Intro to the new podcast format
03:05 5 Top Tips for People Starting A Property Business
03:10 Choose one strategy
04:20 Sticking to one area
05:55 Tips for lead generation
07:20 Managing your expectations
08:50 Being realistic
09:10 Staying in line
09:50 Avoid getting distracted by other strategies
10:25 Once the momentum is built, then you can look at other strategies