We understand everyone’s different in their approach to learning and getting things done. Some are happy to just crack on themselves, some need accountability and support along the way, whilst others just want it doing for them.

We think we’ve got all bases covered at Goliath! 

DIY and new technologies

Do It Yourself

Online learning / Courses

Our online courses cover strategy, lead generation, funding and even how to scale your property business. We even include all the templates & resources you’ll need to be successful.

Delivered via our online learning platform, you can access your courses 24/7 when you need them the most. 

Goliath Sourcing Academy

Done With You

Coaching / Mentorship

Whether you’re looking for support along the way, or a proven system to accelerate your results, our coaching and mentorship offers could be right for you. 

Ranging from larger group coaching to 1:1 mentorship with property experts, Goliath Property Academy have you covered.

Business office table with table pc presenting marketing planning

Done For You

marketing agency

Of course sometimes it’s just easier (& quicker) to get the experts to do it for you which is where our “done for you” service comes in. 

We take care of lead generation for you covering everything from social media management to finding property owners through paid advertising (and much more)! 

Do It Yourself

[Online Learning / Courses]

How To Generate Off Market Leads
Kick Starter

There’s more to lead generation than just Estate Agents and sending out letters! 

In this online course, we provide an overview of lead generation tactics Mark and Goliath have used over the last 17 years including networking, paid advertising and even door knocking (if you dare)! 

Video tutorials include examples of letters, scripts and templates to help kick start your own lead generation journey! 

Lead Generation & Conversion

It’s time to go deeper into the world of lead generation and focus on the most effective tactics Goliath have used over the past 8+ years. 

In this masterclass, we also cover how to convert the leads you generate. No point in generating leads if you’re not going to convert them is there! 

We cover how to work with property agents so you’re the first one they call when a suitable lead comes in to generating off market property leads via paid advertising (specifically Google and Facebook Ads). 

As with all our courses, templates, over-shoulder tutorials and relevant downloads are included

How To Generate Quality Investor Leads

Finding the right investors can sometimes prove challenging. There are a lot of people who call themselves investors but when it comes to the crunch, they’re nowhere to be seen. 

In this masterclass we focus on finding the right type of investors who, when the deal comes, are ready to invest, whether it’s buying the deal for a fee or funding the deal for your own portfolio. 

There’s no shortage of quality investors out there! You just need to work a little harder than a simple post on Facebook!! 

Done With You

[Group Coaching & Support]

Property Investment Marketing

Our “entry level” support group where everyone supports each other whilst developing your lead generation machines within a private forum (currently a Facebook group).

Experts are on hand to answer any questions you have, usually within 48 hours, and also provide dedicated workshops covering specific lead generation tactics to help you on your journey.

Build Your Lead Generation Machine BOOT CAMP - Group Coaching

By the end of this program in 8 weeks time you’ll have a fully functioning lead generation “funnel” ready to start driving leads into your property business. 

Using our Who, What, How © framework, we will understand WHO your ideal prospect is, WHAT their pain point is that we’re going to solve and then HOW we’re going to get in front of them. 

The program is delivered over 8 weeks with each week being focused on a part of the process so you’re not only building a lead generation machine, but also understanding the marketing principles so you can build as many as you like after the program’s finished. 

Done For You

[Digital Marketing Services]

Goliath Property Digital

Haven’t got the time or the desire to set up your own lead generation machine? Then let us do all the work for you. 

Leveraging our combined 30+years sales, marketing & property lead generation experience, we’ll get everything set up for you and then manage it on an ongoing basis to ensure you have the most efficient funnels possible. 

We’re not cheap, but we’re AMAZING at what we do so you won’t be disappointed with your investment!